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November 19, 2014
6:00 PM

The Chief Process Officer – Driving Value through the BPM-Discipline

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
Managing Director and Co-CEO of BPM-D


Dr. Mathias Kirchmer is one of the two co-founders of BPM-DTM. He brings a broad variety of Business Process Management skills and knowledge to BPM-D and its clients. He actively develops and delivers the BPM-DTM offerings as well as the overlaying patent-pending BPM-DTMFramework. Dr. Kirchmer is an innovative executive and thought leader in the ever-evolving world BPM.  Over the last 24 years Dr. Kirchmer has combined his broad practical business experience with his extensive academic research. 

This systematic integration has led to pioneering management approaches that have proven to be both sustainable and provide immediate benefits.

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