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Kate Mondile
Enterprise Process Management Lead 
Southwest Airlines

The Journey of BPM at Southwest Airlines


How evolving discipline of Business Process Management creates value

Wednesday, September 28th, 2021
12 pm - 1 pm EST

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Business Process Management is a continuous journey, not the destination. Many organizations have difficulty seeing the value of BPM, struggle with establishing a BPM discipline, or both. Having a clear understanding of the whole picture, and what it takes to be successful, is key.


In this session Kate Mondile, Enterprise Process Management CoE Lead, will take you through Southwest Airlines’ BPM journey over the last six years. She will describe the state of BPM since joining the organization in 2016, elaborate how the BPM capabilities evolved from simply “documenting processes” until today, and what the team envisions for the future as well as the roadmap they intend to follow which includes RPA and Process Intelligence.


Kate will share how the BPM capabilities at Southwest Airlines continues to expand in scope and scale, what has driven the increased interest and collaboration with various business areas, what makes a successful BPM team, the need to evolve BPM capabilities and apply them to process improvement or transformational initiatives, as well as the successes and challenges they have faced along the way.

Kate Mondile
Enterprise Process Management CoE Lead, Southwest Airlines


Kate Mondile is currently the Enterprise Process Management CoE Lead at Southwest Airlines. She is an accomplished BPM professional who worked on the DuPont BPM team and has experience in the aerospace, chemical, and airline industries. Her main focus has been helping organizations establish and mature BPM centers of excellence, leading enterprise-wide transformational efforts, and continuing to promote the value of understanding processes to varying levels of leadership.  Kate has extensive experience with establishing collaborative engagement models, identifying opportunities to leverage process assets, and maintaining complex business process management systems. She has a master’s degree in Business Process Innovation from Widener University.

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