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Digital Transformation And The Power Of Customer Experience


February 12, 2020 -  12:00-1:00 PM


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Digital Transformation And The Power Of Customer Experience


Evidence is piling up that reinventing and adapting business processes with digital technologies organization-wide is challenging for many organizations. Companies report high failure rates, similar to failure rates for large-scale transformation in general. There are too many: Disparate systems, functional and business unit data silos, and organizational challenges to overcome.

Few organizations have the necessary resources — financial, human, and technical — to be able to transform everything at the same time. A much better alternative to tackling organizational transformation with digital is to first focus on customer experience, and the set of value creating processes. 

In his presentation, Andrew will highlight the principle elements of a successful digital transformation including change leadership, cultural and operational readiness, and enabling process management capabilities. Andrew will share practical lessons from the field.

Andrew Spanyi
Founder - Spanyi International, Inc.

Andrew Spanyi is the founder and Managing Director of Spanyi International Inc. where he works at the intersection of customer experience, process innovation and digital technologies. 


Andrew is the author of three books (Operational Leadership, More for Less: The Power of Process Management, Business Process Management is a Team Sport: Play It to Win!) He has also contributed chapters to several other publications. 


Since 1992, he has worked on over 170 major improvement projects and has developed dozens of training programs. Andrew was formerly an adjunct professor at Babson College. He is currently an advisor to the Association of Business Process Management Professionals.

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