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Alignment, buy-in, and improved understanding through more emphatic visualization.


October 11, 2017  6:00 - 8:00 PM

Quick Center - Room 108


Widener University - Main Campus

600 E. 14th Street

Chester, PA 19013

Alignment, buy-in, and improved understanding through more empathic visualization


Most business analysis deliverables accurately reflect the specific process and system flows through a series of boxes, arrows and diamonds. While descriptive, this type of deliverable shows only half the story and does not always provide a valuable tool for discussion, internal marketing and iteration.


In this talk, I will explore the value of incorporating human emotion and storytelling into typical process deliverables and discuss some tools and tactical approaches for visualizing your work.


Don’t worry, you do not need to be a graphic designer to learn these skills; even simple tweaks can make a big difference because in the end everything really is just boxes and arrows.

Justin Wear

Director of Research - LiquidHub

LinkedIn Profile

Justin Wear is the Director of Research for LiquidHub and an Adjunct Instructor for Temple University.   


As Director of Research at LiquidHub, Justin provides strategic direction to the team of researchers dedicated to improving the way people interact with technology and each other. Whether exploring gesture-controlled televisions, the reporting process for pharmaceutical warehouses, or cat food packaging, he seeks to understand his client’s complex products and services and inform new strategies, processes and experiences that delight customers and add business value.

Justin earned a Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Economics from Northwestern University and a Master's Degree, Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University.  

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