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Four Pillars of Emerging Technology for Connected Healthcare


May 11, 2017  6:00 - 9:00 PM

Quick Center - Room 108


Widener University - Main Campus

600 E. 14th Street

Chester, PA 19013

Greg Barnowsky has been a champion of business process improvement and general automation for more than 25 years. He intimately understands how 3rd generation coding languages such as Java, C#, etc., while good for micro control of processes, are untenable as long term corporate solutions. Traditional queue-based workflow products have provided value for automation at a "macro" level but still require dropping to a 3rd generation language to complete micro control levels, resulting in high costs for development and ongoing support.

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) leveraged XML as the basis of configuration and flow control. Their work was a predecessor to what we now call BPM (a mix of macro and micro flow if you will). And BPM today is acting as a foundational platform for what has now become digital transformation – digitizing and extending data and workflows across the enterprise to the end customer to create seamless, highly visible interactions enabling better and faster customer experiences.

In Healthcare, digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with Connected Health.

In today's presentation, Greg will describe the exciting world of Connected Health and what Independence Blue Cross (IBC) is doing to advance digital patient engagement enabling payers (insurers) and providers (physicians, nurses and hospitals) to improve care, expand access, and drive down costs. He will focus on the four (4) large pillars of emerging technology enabling connected health and changing the landscape of healthcare. He will drill down on the "automation" aspects and provide opinions on why automation is critical to IBC and healthcare into the future.   

GregoryT. Barnowsky

Chief Architect - Independence Blue Cross

LinkedIn Profile

Gregory Barnowsky is Chief Architect of Enterprise Architecture for Independence Blue Cross (IBC) and AmeriHealth Administrators (AHA).  Greg leads a team of individuals who are charged with identifying opportunities for improving operational agility and reducing costs through innovation and automation at both IBC and AHA.


Greg has been in architecture roles for more than 30 years, leading teams and projects to provide high-value long-term results for companies such as Unisys, Merck and now Independence Blue Cross.  Projects include establishing a nationwide network for Unisys to improve collaboration and sales support, designing a mobile-based wireless network and new salesforce automation architecture for Merck, and now a Connected Health framework and foundation for IBC.

Greg earned a Bachelor of Science in both Computer Science and Mathematics at Moravian College and an MBA from Lehigh University.  Greg is currently completing a Master of Science degree at the University of Pennsylvania focused on large program, project and portfolio management.

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